XL6009 DC DC Adjustable Step up Boost Module Power Supply Converter Module Replace LM2577

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IN-IN + input Positive Input Negative!
Positive output OUT + OUT-output negative
Test comparison sample reference:
Input 3V Output 12V 0.4A 4.8W
Input 5V Output 12V 0.8A 9.6W
Input 7.4V Output 12V 1.5A 18W
Input 12V Output 15V 2A 30W
Input 12V Output 16V 2A 32W
Input 12V Output 18V 1.6A 28.8W
Input 12V Output 19V 1.5A 28.5W
Input 12V Output 24V 1 A 24W
Vin * Iin * Efficiency = Vout * Iout
Vin: Input Voltage
Iin: input current
Vout: Output Voltage
Iout: output current
DSN6009 4A is a high-performance step-up switching current (BOOST) module. The module uses the second generation of high-frequency switching technology XL6009E1 core chip performance than the first generation technology LM2577. XL6009 boost module at a lower cost, superior performance, LM2577 module is about to be eliminated.
● Wide input voltage 3V - 32V, optimum operating voltage range is 5 - 32V;
● Wide Output voltage 5V - 35V;
● Built-4A efficient MOSFET switches enable efficiency up to 94%; (LM2577 current is 3A)
● high switching frequency 400KHz, can use a small-capacity filter capacitors that can achieve very good results, the ripple smaller and smaller. (LM2577 frequency only 50KHz)
Technical parameters:
Model Specification: DSN6009 boost module
Module Properties: Non-isolated boost (BOOST)
Rectification: Non-Synchronous Rectification
Input Range: 3V - 32V
Output Range: 5V - 35V
Input Current: 4A (max), no-load 18mA (5V input, 8V output, no-load is less than 18mA. Higher the voltage, the greater the load current.)
Conversion efficiency: <94% (greater the pressure, the lower the efficiency)
Switching frequency: 400KHz
Output Ripple: 50mV (the higher the voltage, the greater the current, the greater the ripple)
Load Regulation:+- 0.5%
Voltage Regulation:+- 0.5%
Operating Temperature: -40 - +85 degree Celsius
Dimensions: 43mm * 21mm * 14mm (L * W * H)
Package Included:
1PCS x DC-DC Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Module XL6009

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