WS2812 WS2812B WS 2811 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Module 5V 8 Channel 8 Bit Rainbow LED Precise for Arduino Black/White Board


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This is a small chainable board with eight 5050 WS2812 RGB LEDs.
The WS2812s are each addressable as the driver chip is located inside the LED.
Each Stick has ~18mA constant current drive
so the color will be very consistent even if the voltage varies, and requires 5V.
Every stick is equipped with a single data line
with a very timing-specific protocol requiring a real-time microconroller
with a 8MHz or faster processor such as an AVR, FOR Arduino, PIC, mbed, etc.
There are solder pads on the back for connecting wires or
breadboard pins and two mounting holes for securing this board to many different surfaces
Package Included:
1 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Module 5V 8-Bit Rainbow LED Precise
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