WH7016C DC12V Digital Automatic Temperature Controller Thermostat


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•Digital temperature controller, -50 Celsius to 110 Celsius temperature measurement and control;
•0.1 degree resolution, a degree of control accuracy;
•Compatible with refrigeration and heating control;
•Adjustable hysteresis, delay start function;
•Temperature limit setting function, the parameter lock factory;
•With a power-down data storage function;
•Standard DC12V ;
•Relay shock current 5A/220V;
•Standard 1 meter waterproof metal probe, optional plastic probe ;

Electrical performance:
•Temperature range: -50 Celsius~ 110 Celsius
•Temperature control range: -50 Celsius~ 110 Celsius
•Temperature measurement error: ± 0.5 Celsius
•Sensor Type: NTC (10K/3435)
•Control accuracy: 1 Celsius
•Input Voltage: DC 12V
•Current: MAX200MA
•Relay contact current: AC 5A/220V
•Data retention: a
•Operating temperature: 0 Celsius~ 50 Celsius
•Storage temperature: -10 Celsius~ 60 Celsius

Button Description:
1). RST: Press the RST key to switch on and off, press the RST key in the off state once the boot, the boot
State according to RST button for three seconds and hold off.
2). SET:
A: Press the SET key once to enter the temperature control settings, press “UP”or “DOWN” to adjust, press “UP”or "DOWN” button for three seconds does not
Quickly put into adjustment mode. Press the SET button again to exit setting mode.

Menu code selection:
Symbol Details Setting range Factory settings Unit
HC Heating / cooling H/C C  
D Hysteresis 1 -- 15 5 *C
LS Lowest setting limits -50 -- 110 -50 *C
HS The maximum limit set -50 -- 110 110 *C
CA Temperature correction -5 -- 5 0 *C
PT Delay time 0 -- 10 1 Min

Wiring diagram:
Terminal 1 and 2: Normally open contact relay
Terminals 3 and 4: 220V power connection
Terminal 5 and 6: Short circuit after locking thermostat factory parameter
settings, the user can not modify.
Terminal 7 and 8: temperature sensor connection

* Cooling, heat load must not exceed the output contact, or may cause machine damage and cause a fire.
* A variety of connection wires and terminals connected to pressure well, otherwise, will cause the machine reliability.
* Please separate power wiring, relays, sensors, otherwise it will damage the machine.

Package included:

1 x 12V Digital Temperature Controller