W3230 AC 110V-220V DC 12V Digital Thermostat Temperature Controller Regulator Heating Cooling Control Instruments LED Display


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Can select cooling or heating working mode.
Set highest/ lowest upper limit temp to avoid accident.
Automatically start cooling or heating for constant temperature.
Temperature calibration, you can calibrate temp according to requirement.
High temp alarm, when measure temp reach to the setting temp, controller will alarm.

Temperature range: -55-120 ℃
Control temperature accuracy: 0.1 ℃
Display color: red and blue
Power supply voltage: 12V
Data Save: Yes
Relay: 20A
Dimensions: 79 X 43 X 26 MM
Hole size: 74 X 39 MM 

Package include:
1 x Digital Thermostat Temperature Alarm Controller Sensor