Ultra Small Size MP1584EN DC DC Step Down Power Supply Module 1.5A Buck Converter Adjustable 3.3V 4V 5V


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Supper mini MP1584EN DC-DC power converters

Option:3.3v 4.0v 5.0v

Fabricated on a 0.41 x 0.65 inch (10.4 x 16.5mm) Single Inline Package (SIP) module, which is non-isolated switching regulator (SR) DC-DC power converters for embedded applications. The fixed single output converters offer both tight regulation and high efficiency directly at the power usage site and are a direct plug-in replacement for TO-220 package 78xx series linear regulators. Typically, no extra outside components are required.

Three nominal output voltages are offered (3.3, 4.0 and 5.0 VDC), up to 1.5 Amp maximum output. Based on fixed-frequency buck switching topology, the high efficiency means very low heat and little electrical noise, requiring no external components. They have an ultra wide input range of 8 to 28 Volts DC.


- Power input:8-28VDC

- Fixed Output: 3.3 ,4 or 5V @ 1.5A (Option)

- horizontal mount, small footprint package(10.4 x 16.5mm)

- Interface: 3pin 2.54mm header

- “No heat sink” direct replacement for 3-terminal 78xx-series linear regulators

- High efficiency with no external components

- Outstanding thermal derating performance

Package Include:

1PC * MP1584EN DC-DC power converters