TPA3116 50W+50W Amplifier Board HIFI Class 2.0 Stereo Digital Breeze Amp


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- Do not use cheap audio signal cables, these cables are without shielding , they will lead in high frequency noises. The bigger the rotation, the larger the noises
- The correct using sequence is first  connect laptop power with amp power supply port, then charge the laptop.

- Adopting top red ring output inductance, no output consumption, more pure sound voice
- Full aluminium alloy body, gold plated RCA and crystal loudspeaker line column, more gorgeous
- Adopts Germany MKP10 as output, more rich overtone
- Adopts high speed capacitor array. lower internal resistor, dynamic more violent
- Gold plated RCA port output, Taiwan imported sealed potentiometer, thicken alumnium alloy radiating

Power Voltage:
12V ------- 8ohm loudspeaker/12W(left channel) + 12W(right channel)  4ohm loudspeaker /20 (left channel) + 20W(left channel ),
15V ------- 8 ohm/18 + 18W,4ohm/ larger than 30 + 30W,
19V ------- 8 ohm/32 + 32W,4 ohm/ larger than 45 + 45W,
24V ------- 8 ohm/38 + 38W,4 ohm/ larger than55 + 55W,
Package Included:
1pc ×  HIFI Class 2.0 Stereo Digital Amplifier TPA3116 Advanced 50W + 50W Breeze Amp