TDA7850 4X50W Car Audio Power Amplifier Board Module BA3121 Denoiser DC 12V


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Are you want to listen to the lossless music? This amplifier board can meet your needs. It adopts TDA7850 high quality chip and BA3121 denoiser for clear sound of music. 

Adopts high quality audio coupling capacitor.
The main filter capacitance is 10000uf, sufficient energy to play superior sound quality of the amplifier.
TDA7850 is a high-quality Hi-Fi car audio amplifier IC, sound quality is excellent!
LC filter, more pure power, smaller ripple and less interference.
With BA3121 noise isolation and noise-canceling.
4 inputs and 4 outputs.
DC 12V power supply or 12V car power.
With delay function, no any impulsive sound, no need to install speaker protection.
It's the best choice for car audio upgrade and DIY 4-channel amplifier.

Power Supply: DC 12V or 12V Car Power
Chip: TDA7850
Channel Type: 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs
Output Power: 4*50W
Output Match: 4-8 ohm
PCB Board Size: 65 * 52 * 30mm / 2.56 * 2.05 * 1.18in (L * W * H)
Weight: 55g / 1.96oz
Package List:
 1 x Audio Power Amplifier