TDA7492P 2x25W Wireless Bluetooth V2.1 Audio Receiver Power Amplifier Board


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Sound quality is very good and it can drive 4/6/8/16 ohm speakers. Bluetooth V2.1, it has sufficient power output 2*25W. 

Sound quality is very good by using this module.
Equipped with AUX interface(wired audio input). 
Using TDA7492P power amplifier chip, Bluetooth V2.1.
After power on, automatically enter into pairing mode, search the name: SANWU Audio.
Applicable speaker impedance: 4/6/8/16 ohm (8 ohm is the best).

Supply Voltage: DC 10-25V
Power Interface: 2.1 DC Socket
Audio Input: Bluetooth Receiver V2.1
Audio Output: Terminals
Output Power: 2*25W
Applicable Speaker Impedance: 4/6/8/16 ohm
PCB Size: 70 * 47mm / 3.23 * 1.97in
Weight: 31g / 1.09oz

If you use external audio, you need connect 3.5mm audio line;
Auto detection for AUX input, the Bluetooth will disconnect after AUX input.

Package Included:

    1 x Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier Board