TDA7297 Amplifier Board DC 12V 2x15W Digital Audio Dual Channel Module 15W +15W Finished Plate


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A Version:
TDA7297 amplifier board with terminals 2.0 dual-channel 15W + 15W, which can be accessed 4-8 Euro 10-50W speakers, large volume of small stature, wide range of applications.
Voltage: DC 9-15V, Recommended DC voltage 12V, current above 2A
Power: 15W + 15W
Output Impedance: 4-8 Europe
The board Advantages: boot no current impact sound, hi no static noise! Sound quality is super good - treble delicate, soft, transparent, no harsh; bass strong, full, strong, and acting freely. Recently, some customers have reported that this small plate a little noise, mostly because of the power problem is not solved. After testing, the battery or power supply using 12V2A 12V30W more than a little noise transformers are not, if the switching power supply or other variable power supply, due to the poor may produce linear low-noise
The core of the amplifier board TDA7297 imported two-channel amplifier chip, the famous European SGS-THOMSON STMicroelectronics produced. DC power supply is designed to supply power directly available 12V battery voltage range: 9-15V, recommended voltage 12V, output power up to 15W + 15W, the peak power of 30W + 30W, the sound volume is small but super shock for any occasion.
B Version:
-100% brand new and high quality
-AC / DC, 2.0 / dual channel / stereo,12V/2A when using, the output power of 15W +15 W, peak up 25W +25 W
-Can be accessed by two 4-8Ω 10-50W speakers
-A large volume of small size
-High signal to noise ratio
-Upgraded version of the radiator, wider and thicker, better cooling effect
-Fit for Bookshelf speakers, CRT televisions, radios, and other small amplifiers
Working voltage: DC 9-15V
Power: 15W +15 W
Maximum power:30W+30W
Output Impedance: 4-8Ω
Package Included:
1 x TDA7297 Amplifier Board
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