STC1000 Temperature Controller Thermostat AC/DC 12V / AC/DC 24V / DC 12V-72V


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Please attention: There are 3 types Voltage can be optional.

DC 12V-72V   /    AC/DC 12V   /     AC/DC 24V


Designed for perfect fit.
Auto Switch the modes between cool and heat.
Control temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value.
Temperature calibration.
Refrigerating control output delay protection.
Alarm when temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor error.
Front Panel Size: 75(L)×34.5(W) mm.
Mounting Size: 71(L)×29(W) mm.
Product Size: 75(L)×34.5(W)×85(D) mm.
Sensor Cable Length: Approx 2m in all.
Temperature measuring range: -50~99℃.
Resolution: 0.1℃.
Accuracy: ±1℃ (-50~70℃).
Sensor error delay: 1 minute.
Power consumption: 3W.
Sensor: NTC sensor (1Pcs).
Relay contact capacity: Cool 10A/250VAC; Heat 10A/250VAC.
Ambient temperature: 0~60℃.
Storage temperature: -30~75℃.
Relative humidity: 20%~85% (No condensate).
Package includes:
1 x STC-1000 Temperature Controller