PAM8406 Bluetooth 4.1 5W+5W Stereo Amplifier Board Audio Receiver Module with AEC/ANC Noise Elimination for Hand free Call

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Pure bluetooth stereo amplifier board 5 w x2,
bluetooth core using the zhongxing micro high quality bluetooth chip,
built-in enhancement signal circuit, steady bluetooth receiving distance,
built-in AEC echo elimination and ANC noise elimination circuit,
hands-free calls super static doesn't echo and noise.
Power amplifier IC made in U.S. Long Ding new efficient PAM8406 pure class D chip micro,
output reached 5 wx2 (beyond PAM8403).
Circuit and PCB has rich experience in the design of bluetooth engineers elaborate design,
parts layout PCB wiring neat and reasonable,
bluetooth scheme and the circuit is very mature,
this scheme in bluetooth stereo extensive use of shipment,
please rest assured the choose and buy for family and friends.
Function characteristics:
bluetooth stereo pairs of speakers, and bluetooth paired to the phone or computer,
wirelessly to listen to music, and can be used as a wireless mobile phone hands-free calls,
support and operation volume size, and the play/pause, back to the function,
after successful connection device of bluetooth,
open the bluetooth will automatically connect again.
Performance indicators:
The Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR
Transmit power: CLASS2
Support bluetooth protocol: HFP V1.5 A2DP (1.1), AVCRP1.3, hands-free protocol (1.6),
Transmission distance, about 15 m (open)
The power supply voltage: DC / 3.7 V to 4.2 V,
Output power: 3 wx2 (4 speakers), 5 wx2 (horn), 2
Signal to noise ratio: 80 db or higher
Frequency response: 120 hz - 19 KHZ
The board size: 37.5 mmX31mmX1. 2 mm (including parts)
Package included:
1 x PAM8406 Bluetooth 4.1 5W+5W Audio Receiver Module Amplifier Board Hand-Free Call

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