MG995 Servos Digital Servo Metal Gear RC Car Robot Helicopter + MG995 Dual Servos Knob Steering Gear Debugging Module


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Operating Speed : 0.17sec / 60 degrees (4.8V no load)
Operating Speed : 0.13sec / 60 degrees (6.0V no load)
Stall Torque : 9 kg-cm (180.5 oz-in) at 4.8V
Stall Torque : 12 kg-cm (208.3 oz-in) at 6V
Operation Voltage : 4.8 - 7.2Volts
Gear Type: All Metal Gears
Original box: NO
Color: Black
Connector Wire: Heavy Duty, 11.81" (300mm)
Dimension : 40mm x 19mm x 43mm
Great for truck, Boat, Racing Car, Helicopter and Airplane.
Power Supply: Through External Adapter.
Stable and Shock Proof. - Coreless Motor - Metal Gear - Double Ball Bearing -
Connector Wire Length 300mm
Angle: Servo 360 degree Continuous Rotation


1. Onboard mature and stable 8-bit MCU for generating high-resolution PWM signals with precise control
2. Support manual mode and return mode, switch by button, with mode indicator
3. Support knob adjustment or serial command control in manual mode
4. Serial port command control can use the matching host computer or connect external MCU
5. Number of control channels: 2 channels (M0 and M1 servos). When using the knob adjustment and return function, the 2 servos are controlled at the same time. When using the serial command, the 2 servos can be controlled separately.
6. Servo control accuracy: 0.09 degrees (that is, PWM minimum change value 1us)
7. Support steering gear with control period of 20ms and pulse width between 0.5-2.5ms
8. Can directly use the 2S lithium battery charging head to debug and return to the steering gear
9. Power supply voltage range: 5-9V
10. Product size: 49.2*29.8mm
Package Included:
1 x MG995 Servos Digital Servo Metal Gear RC Car Robot Helicopter Boat MG995
1 x Dual Servos Knob Serial Port Control Board MG995 SG90 Steering Gear Debugging Module

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