LM2577 Auto Step Up Step Down Boost Buck Voltage Converter Module DC DC 3 35V to 1.25 30V Solar Voltage Power Supply for Arduino

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Auto step down step up(SEPIC)
Input: 3-35V
Output: 1.25V-30V
Biggest current 2A
Conversion efficiency 92%
Frequency 50KHz
Output ripple 40mV

Size :about48*23*14(mm)
Temperature: -40° to +85°
low ESR Sanyo filter capacitance, plus another LC filter unit
Low voltage ripple to 40 mV, suitable for all kinds of use. good for solar.

Package Included:
1PCS * Auto Boost Buck Step Up Step Down Converter Module LM2577 Solar Voltage Power Supply 3-35V DC-DC for Arduino

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