LED Digital Display Home Automation Delay Relay Trigger Time Circuit Timer Control Cycle Adjustable Switch Relay Module DC 12V


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New upgrades to simplify,to meet customer needs.

Increase the supply anti-reversefunction.

The use of opto isolated input and output,enhanced anti-jamming capabilit

Set parameter after power for ever memories.

Signal terminal voltage signal can be maintained for a longtime.

to ensure stability,industrial grade board,class PLC.
Product parameters:


Relay Specifications:AC 220V 10A or DC 30V 10A.

Quiescent Current:20mA,Operating Current:50mA.

Working voltage:10-16V (if other ranges can be customized).

Signal voltage:4V-20V (if other ranges can be customized).

life:about100,000times,Working temperature:-40-85 degree Celsius.

selection:After power on,long press K12 seconds later into the select function mode,P1-1~P1-4forchoose.
P1-1 operating modes:a signal to trigger relay, time is up,the relay
disconnect users,You can set relay time T,click K2 the hundreddigital
tube starts flashing,then press K3, the hundred digital change;click K2
ten digital tube starts flashing,then press K3,ten digit changes;click K2
bit digital tube starts flashing, then press K3, single-digit change;then
click K2,; digital pipe does not blink,then press the K3, shifting the
decimalpoint,the decimalpointin abitindicates 0-999minutesin ten
represents 0 to 99.9 seconds withou tadecimalpointrepresents 0-999
seconds;goodchoice,bringing the time setting is completed.Short press
K1,enterfunction offine-tuning settings,triggerthedefaultdelayperiod
is invalid, press K1, during the delay trigger active(re-timing),clickon
the K1, during the delay reset (timer turned off,the relay reset) press
again to repeat the default settings for the first time.
P1-2 operating modes:Asignal trigger ,digital countdown begins,X
seconds after,there lay open Y seconds,then close.Users can set the relay
time X,Y;P1-1different time settings similar to the blue lights that set
the relay time,blue light indicates setting relay off time. Short press K1,
enter function offine-tuning the set,the default trigger is invalid during
the delay,pressK1,during the delay trigger active(re-timing),then click
the first repeat default settings.
P1-3 operating modes:Open X seconds,disconnect Yseconds, infinite
loop.Users can set the relay timeX,Y;time setting similar to P1-2.Short
press K1,enter function offine-tuning set,The default function is:set up
an electric circuit the relay first open, press the K1,there lay first
close.Press again to repeat the default functionality.
P1-4 operating modes:a signal to trigger the relay open but do not start
the timer,when the trigger signal disappears,digital count down begins,X
time after,the relayclose; During the delay,again to the signal,digital
count down canceled, stays energized, the signal disappears, restart
count down; (equivalentto release the button to start timing, commonly
usedin power-offdelay).Users canset the relay time X; time setting similar to P1-1.

Package included:

1PCS x DC12V Delay Timer Control Switch Module

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