L15DSMD IRS2092S Mono Digital Amplifier Board w/Class D Finished Amp Board


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working voltage: DC + -50V( between + - 33V to + - 55V )


+ -50V  OUTPUT  =125W  8R  RMS. 250W  4R RMS


net weight:120g

Distortion: 0.007 % THD+N @ 60W, 4Ω

Voltage  Gain 36

Load Impedance : 4Ω

Total Idle Power Consumption: 7W

Channel Efficiency : 90%   250W 4Ω

Dynamic Range :  101 DB

Residual Noise : 200UV

Frequency Response :20HZ-35K HZ + -3DB 

Thermal Performance: 30W ,55C degree

250W ,90C degree

IRAUDAMP7S instruction

AV receivers
Home theater systems
Mini component stereos
Powered speakers
Musical Instrument amplifiers
Automotive amplifiers
Output Power:  Scalable output power from 25W- 500W (see Table 1)
Residual Noise: 200 μV, IHF-A weighted, AES-17 filter
Distortion:  0.007 % THD+N @ 60W, 4 R
Multiple Protection Features:   Over-current protection (OCP), high side and low side MOSFET
Over-voltage protection (OVP), 
Under-voltage protection (UVP), high side and low side MOSFET
DC-protection (DCP), 
Over-temperature protection (OTP)
PWM topology:  Self-oscillating PWM, half-bridge or full-bridge topologies selectable 


Recommendations of the working voltage, and power transformers.

8 ohms load transformer voltage AC dual 40V, + -DC 55V, power 150W sound track. 300W two-channel. Filter capacitor 6800UF * 2 or more
4 ohm load transformer voltage AC dual 35V, + -DC 48V power 250W sound track. 500W two-channel. Filter capacitor 10000UF * 2 or more
4 ohm load + -58V DC, 300W 4R mono power. 700W two-channel power. Recommendation transformer voltage AC dual 41V 1000W.
Package Included:
     1* IRS2092S 250W High Power Class D Mono Digital Amplifier AMP Board