ICL8038 Monolithic Function Signal Generator Module DIY Kit Sine Triangle Square Wave Signal DC 12V

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With excellent performance ASIC chip function generator ICL8038, add a small amount of resistive and capacitive components, can produce sine, triangle and square wave, and the frequency of the signal, duty cycle, adjustable distortion sine wave.
ICL8038 pin functions:
1 foot, 12 foot: sine waveform adjusting terminal;
2 foot: sine wave output;
3 foot: triangle wave output;
4 foot, 5 foot: the frequency and duty cycle (or waveform asymmetry) adjustment;
6 foot: V +, the positive power supply;
7 foot: offset; 8 foot: frequency adjustment input terminal;
9 foot: square wave output.
This is an open collector output terminal, work should take a load resistor to the corresponding positive power supply terminal from the pin, to get a TTL-compatible square-wave output, the load resistance must be connected to + 5V power supply;
10 foot: timing capacitor terminal;
11 foot: V-, negative power supply terminal or the ground. Use positive and negative power supply, 11 feet to the negative supply, the output waveform are symmetrical with respect to 0V; use a single positive power supply, 11 feet grounded, the output waveform is unipolar, uniform voltage is + VCC / 2;
13 feet, 14 Feet: Empty foot.
The kits are designed for a frequency range is 50-5KHz, two bands with a switch S to switch, RP1 is the frequency adjustment, RP2 is the duty cycle adjustment, RP3 is a sine wave distortion adjustment. Circuit uses 12V single power supply, input from the X1; X2, X3 is a waveform output side, you can use oscilloscope to observe three output waveforms.
Model: ICL8038
Input 12V DC
Frequency range 50-5KHz,
Package Included:
1 set function signal generator module and electronic kit
Requires a certain DIY ability, you need to weld the kit yourself