High Accuracy AD623 Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier Board Module Dual Single Power CMRR Max 200Hz Digital DIY Kits


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The AD623 is an integrated, single- or dual-supply instrumentation amplifier that delivers rail-to-rail output swing using supplyvoltages from 3 V to 12 V. The AD623 offers superior userflexibility by allowing single gain set resistor programming and byconforming to the 8-lead industry standard pinout configuration.
With no external resistor, the AD623 is configured for unity gain (G = 1), and with an external resistor, the AD623 can beprogrammed for gains of up to 1000.
The superior accuracy of the AD623 is the result of increasingac common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) coincident withincreasing gain; line noise harmonics are rejected due toconstant CMRR up to 200 Hz. The AD623 has a wide inputcommon-mode range and amplifies signals with commonmodevoltages as low as 150 mV below ground. The AD623maintains superior performance with dual and single polaritypower supplies.
Easy to use
Rail-to-rail output swing
Input voltage range extends 150 mV below ground
(single supply)
Low power, 550 μA maximum supply currentGain set with one external resistor
Gain range: 1 to 1000
High accuracy dc performance: 0.10% gain accuracy (G = 1)
0.35% gain accuracy (G > 1)
Noise: 35 nV/√Hz RTI noise at 1 kHz
Excellent dynamic specifications: 800 kHz bandwidth (G = 1)
20 μs settling time to 0.01% (G = 10)
Low power medical instrumentation
Transducer interfaces
Thermocouple amplifiers
Industrial process controls
Difference amplifiers
Low power data acquisition

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1 x High Accurancy AD623 Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier Board Moudle Dual Single Power CMRR Max 200Hz Digital DIY Kits