ESP32 ESP 32 ESP32S ESP 32S CP2102 Esp8266 Wireless WiFi Bluetooth Development Board Micro USB Dual Core Power Amplifier Module


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ESP32 integrates antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, filters and power management modules, and the entire solution occupies the least printed circuit board area. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth dual-mode chip
Using TSMC low-power 40nm technology, power performance and RF performance is the best, safe and reliable, easy to expand to a variety of applications.

small volume. Easy to embed into any product
Powerful, support LWIP protocol, freertos
Supports three modes: AP, STA, AP + STA coexistence mode
Lua programming makes your development easier

Package Include:

1 x CP2102 Esp8266 ESP32 ESP-32 ESP-32S ESP32S Entwicklung Dual-Mode WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Module Development Board Antenna

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