EP2C5T144 Minimum System Learning Development Board

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Easily embedded into the actual system.
Complete the simple logic control, data acquisition, signal processing, mathematical calculations and other functions.
Core board FPGA chip pin all leads, the board can directly into the application board, ,the 5V power supply board can be introduced through the outlet, can also be introduced through the row array.
Compact size: 6cm x8cm.

Hardware configuration:

On-board EP2C5T144 chip.
The EPROM chip adopt EPCS4 with 4Mbit.
on-board 50M ACTIVE CRYSTAL ( on the back).
Using big power electrical outlet, and 5V power supply.
Have power indicator and reset switch.
On-board 3 SMD LED, you can do the LED test experiments.
All the IO ports and clock pins leads by the pin, through these interfaces can be extended to any memory and peripheral.
The board using high quality tantalum capacitors for power supply filtering.
Support the development for NiosII embedded CPU.

Package Included:

1x EP2C5T144 Minimum System Learning Development Board