DSO138 Mini Kit Digital Oscilloscope DIY Learning Pocket DSO138 Assemble or DIY Kit or Acrylic Protection Case Optional


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Product description
DSO138mini makes the following improvements:
1. Improved structure and smaller size
2. Powered by USB or battery.
3. external trigger input.
4. Serial data output signals.
5. Shared controller.
DSO138mini makes the MCU and lcd remain in the same circuit board to avoid the problematic pin header connections that were used in the DSO138. This not only improves product reliability, but also allows the main board to become a flexible general purpose controller.
DSO138mini's trigger can reliably work under timebase 10us and 20us settings. Waveform data can be disabled via the Serial port, and data can be easily displayed on a PC using other software like Gnuplot. This photo shows the same waveform as on a PC using Gnuplot.

Main characteristics of DSO138
Analog bandwidth: 0–200 kHz
Sample Rate: 1 ASM Max.
Sensitivity: 10 mV / Div-5 V / Div
Sensitivity error: <5%
Vertical resolution: 12 bits
Timebase: 10us / Div-500 s / Div
Record length: 1024 points
Built-in test signal 1 kHz / 3.3 V
Frozen (hold) signal available
Save / recall signal
Serial signal data
Number of channels: 1
Analog bandwidth: 0–200 kHz
Sensitivity: 10 mV / Div-5 V / Div
Sensitivity error: <5%
Resolution: 12 bits
Input resistance: 1 m ohm
Maximum input voltage: 50Vpk
Coupling: DC, AC, GND
Maximum real-time sample rate: 1 ASM
Timebase: 10us / Div-500 s / Div
Record Length: 1024
Trigger Modes: Auto, Normal, Single
Trigger Types: Lifting / Falling Edge
Trigger position: 1/2 fixed buffer size
2.4 inch color TFT lcd with a resolution of 320x240
3.5 V-6 V DC
Power supply: 120 mA @ 5 V
Dimensions: 7x8 cm / 2.76x3.15 inches
Primary Color: Red

Package Includes:
1 DSO138mini oscilloscope set  (Assembled or DIY Kit or Acrylic Protection Case optional)