DC5V WiFi ESP8266 Relay Module Smart Home Phone Remote Control Switch APP ESP-01


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Plus a ESP-01 Module, the intelligent relay module based on ESP-01 WIFI module design, can be used for DIY their own smart switch, you can remotely through the mobile APP control, providing APP and LUA source. Easy to use, easy to use.

* Module operating voltage: DC 5V
* Relay load capacity: 10A 250VAC 10A 125VAC 10A 30VDC 10A 28VDC

1. Wiring: Connect the relay terminals to the equipment to be controlled, such as lights and fans. The The The
2. burn program: use the site to provide the downloader, a key to download. Andrews and LUA Source:
3. mobile phone connected to ESP-01 issued a hot spot, open the phone APP: ESP8266 Controller, set the IP address: the default
Password: 12345678
Package Included:
1 x  ESP8266 5V Wifi Relay Module TOI APP Controled For Smart Home ESP-01