DC 5V 12V 1 Channel Multifunction Delay Relay Timer Time Switch Self lock for PLC LED Motor for Smart Home


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1. 18 kinds of module functions to meet the needs of more application
2.Low level triggered, opto-isolated inputs
3.Increasing the supply anti-reverse feature, power will not damage the module wrong
4.Using high-quality power supple modules, discrete power supply before replacing the system more stable and reliable
5.Increasing in aytomatic power saving feature, users can independently set


Dimension: 75x44x16mm
Voltage: DC 5V/12V
Applications: Home lighting system, Remote control switch, Remote locking, Smart Home / Home, Automation, DC 5V/12V LED lighting, Fluorescent lamp, 5V/12V DC Motor, Fluorescent lamp, Automotive electronics, Industrial automation and control


Module control side: there are 3-wire interface, all interfaces are terminal
1. DC +:5V/12V positive
2. DC-: power in negative
3. CH1: Input Detection Interface
Relay outputs: a 3-wire interface, all interfaces are terminal
1. NO: normal open (before relay closes, this pin is not connected. after relay closes, the pin short-connects with COM)
2. COM: Relay Common Interface
3. NC: Normal closed (before relay closes, this pin short-connect with COM. after relay closes, the pin is not connected )
Package Include:
1 x Multi-function Time Delay Relay
011864 (1)011864 (3)011864 (4)011864 (5)011864 (6)011864 (7)011864 (8)011864 (9)
011864 (11)011864 (12)