DC 400W 15A Step up Boost Converter Constant Current Power Supply LED Driver 8.5 50V to 10 60V Voltage Charger Step Up Module

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Module name :400W boost constant current module
Module properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
Input voltage: DC8.5V-50V
Input current: 15A (MAX) exceeds 8A please enhance heat dissipation
Quiescent current: 10mA (12V liter 20V, the output voltage, the higher the current will increase too quiet)
Output voltage: 10-60V continuously adjustable
Constant] range: 0.2-12A
Temperature: -40 to + 85 degrees (ambient temperature is too high, please enhance heat dissipation)
Operating frequency: 150KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 96%
Overcurrent protection: yes
Input reverse polarity protection: no
Installation: 4 2.55mm screw holes
Connection method: Connection Output
Module size: 67mm X48mm X 28mm (LxWxH)
Single module: 60 g
1. DIY a power supply, 12V can input and output can 12-50V adjustable.
2. the power supply for your electronic device, according to your system can set the output voltage value.
3. as the car power supply for your laptop, PDA or a variety of digital products supply.
4. DIY a mobile notebook power supply: 12V coupled with high-capacity lithium battery pack, so you can go where light where books.
5; solar panel regulator.
6 to the battery, rechargeable lithium batteries.
7. driving high-power LED lights.
Package Included:
1PC x 400W Boost Converter
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