DC 3.3V 3.7V 5V 6V to 12V Step up Power Supply Boost Module Voltage Regulator Converter

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Input voltage 3~6V, output 12V
Maximum input current : 1.2A
Long-term work Current : 1A
Conversion efficiency : 80-90%
1.2A current limiting resistor,Remove the resistance, the maximum input current can reach 2A.
But IC have "Over Temperature Protection" Function.It will turn off the power MOSFET automatically when the internal junction temperature is over 150 °. The power MOSFET wake up when the junction emperature drops 30 ° under the OTP threshold temperature
Start Voltage 2.8V, Output Current 50MA
Input 3V 1A; Output 12V 220MA
Input 3.3V 1A; Output 12V 250MA
Input 3.7V 1A; Output 12V 280MA
Input 4.5V 1A; Output 12V 340MA
Input 5V 1A; Output 12V 370MA
Input 6V 1A; Output 12V 450MA
DC-DC Boost module working frequency 1.0MHZ.
Operating ambient temperature : -40~+85 Degrees Celsius
2.54mm pin pitch,Arduiuo UNO DUE Breadboard FPGA/CPLD Development Board friendly.
MCU Development Board,FPGA/CPLD UNO MEGA2560 DUE 8051 AVR C8051 etc
PLC Modbus RS485
LED Lighting
12V Relay board
Wireless communication equipment
315M 433M Wireless remote controller
Size(not include pin):(L*W) 2.05*1.00cm/0.81"*0.39"(Approx.)
Attention :
This is a DC-DC voltage converter module,Must be noted when using:
1 Input voltage can not be greater than the maximum input range
2 Output power can not be greater than the maximum load for a long time
3 Input power must be greater than the output power, because the power consumption of the module itself
Package Include :
1 x DC 3.3V 3.7V 5V 6V to 12V Step-up Power Supply Boost Voltage Regulator Converter
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