DC 220V 1CH 315MHZ Wireless RF Remote Receiver Transmitter Relay Control Switch 315MHZ/433MHZ


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1. Input voltage: AC85V-AC220V
2. RF frequency: 315MHz
3. RF working mode: Super 315mhz-433.92
4. Receiver sensitivity: -107dBm
5. Remote control distance:> 100 meters (In open environment)
6. Decoding way: MCU software decoding
7. Can store the number of remote control: 16
8. Support remote control type: fixed code, learning code
9th channel: 1CH
10. Multiple working modes: (Jog / Non-Locked, Inter-lock / Latched, Self-lock / Self-Locked)
11. Wiring method: fixed wiring terminal
12. Rated load: 10A 250VAC / 10A 125VAC
10A 30VDC / 10A 28VDC
13. Dimension: 5.4 cm * 3.1 cm * 1.4 cm

working / exit way:
1. Jog / Non-latch: Press a button works / UP. release your finger on the same button is stop / off. A need one-button remote control.
2. Self-lock / Self-Latched: Press a button once is working / AUF. Press the same button again is stop / OFF. A need one-button remote control.
3. intersperre / Latched: Press one button to work / press another button is stop / off. One need 2 buttons remote control.

Clear & Learn Code:
1. Clear function - After pressing the "KEY" button 8 times, the LED goes off and all the remote control data in the memory. When the LED flashes for 5 times, it indicates that the clear function is complete.
2, learning function - click the learn button "KEY", LED indicator light indicates that the microprocessor to enter the learning state of the code, press the appropriate wireless remote control button, LED light flashes 3 times then turn it means code success.
3. LED blinks to determine the selected function.
* flashes 1 time jogging function
* flashes 2 times self-locking function
* 3 times interlock function flashes

Package Included:
1PC*220V 1 channel wireless relay switch