DC 12V NTC 3950 Thermistor PWM Temperature Probe Speed Controller Board Control Module Buzzer 5A CPU Fan High Temp Alarm


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Support all within 12V 5A fans, synchronous rectifier output, high efficiency! Even if a large current work does not require additional heat sink! A plurality of fans can be used in parallel (total current does not exceed 5A), supports automatic temperature control and manumotive speed control, temperature control speed with four temperature zones for setting up, easy to apply in a variety of applications! It can be opened with a three-wire fan monitoring function (stall warning).


Working voltage:DC12V
Circuit load capacity: maximum current per output 5A, the bus currents up 9A
Output Range: The first channel 20% -100%, or 40% -100% (TFL = ON)

The second channel and the third channel 10% -100%
(Note: Above range only for PWM range, the actual control effect will vary depending on the fan.)
Temperature probe parameters: 50K B = 3950
Thermostat temperature zone error: error depending on the temperature probe, generally 3-5%
Stall alarm minimum speed: 700-800 rpm

Function setting switch Description:

TFL (No. 1): The lowest temperature channel PWM setting, when ON state FAN1 PWM minimum is 40%, when OFF the minimum PWM of FAN1 is 20%.
TP1 TP2 (No. 2,3): Temperature channel control temperature zones are interpreted as follows (need to used with the temperature probe):

TP1 TP2 Accelerating temperature Full speed temperature
OFF OFF 35° 45°
ON OFF 40° 55°
OFF ON 50° 70°
ON ON 60° 90°

When the temperature lower than the accelerated temperature, then output at the minimum rotation speed; when it exceed over the full temperature, then always output at full speed.

BF1 BF2 (No. 4,5): corresponds FAN1 FAN2 stall alarm function switch, when the corresponding open channel fan break down, the controller will alarm with soundand light (works with buzzle), alarm will automatically eliminated when the fan is rotated recovery . If BF1 and BF2 both are open (ON), the FAN1, FAN2 have any one or both stops, the controller will alarm!

Package included

1x Speed controller
1x Temperature probe
1x Buzzle

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