DC 12V LED Display Digital Thermostat Temperature Controller Module Relay Switch Control 20 100 Celsius NTC Waterproof Sensor

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SCM control, intelligentize, easy operation, low power consumption
Outage setting, automatic memory
Control accuracy 0.1 °
Size: Approx. 67 x 42 x 18mm / 2.64 x 1.65 x 0.71 inch
Patch Cord Length: Approx. 1M / 39.37 inch, 2 pin port
Technical parameters:
Temperature Control Range: -20-100°
Resolution Ratio: -9.9~99.9: 0.1°, other temperature is 1°
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 °
Control Accuracy: 0.1 °
Return Difference Accuracy: 0.1 °
Refresh Rate: 0.5 S
Input Power Supply: DC 12V
Measuring Inputs: NTC(10K 0.5%)waterproof sensor
Output: 1 channel relay output, capacity =20A 125VAC,20A 14VDC
Environmental Requirement: -10~60°, humidity: 20%-85%
Size: Approx. 48.5 x 40mm / 1.9 x 1.5 inch
Overall Power Consumption: Quiescent current: ≤10MA, operating current ≤65MA
Indicator Light Direction: Flash shows start-up delay of refrigeration or heating, keep lighting shows the relay has closed
Nixie Tube: LL state shows open for sensor; please connect the sensor base on instruction,
HH state shows exceed measurement range, temperature controller would peremptory turn off the relay,
--- state shows high temperature alarm
Connect the power supply and equipment to supply power to the controller. At this time, it is displayed as measuring temperature. Press SET once, the display temperature will flash, press +- to set the desired temperature (press +- to quickly raise and lower) After finishing, press SET to confirm the return. At this time, the controller automatically performs relay on/off according to the setting! The output of the thermostat is a 10A relay, which satisfies various high-power loads, and connects the control circuit to supply power to the thermostat. At this time, the display shows the ambient temperature.
Indicator light: Blinking indicates cooling or heating start delay, always on indicates that the relay is closed
Digital tube: Display LL is the sensor open circuit, please follow the instructions to connect the sensor; display HH is out of the measurement range, the thermostat will force the relay to be disconnected; display --- for high temperature alarm
Package included:
1 PCS x DC 12V Relay Switch Control Digital -20 to100° Temperature Display Module Sensor