DC 12V 24V Time Delay Relay Module 3 Button 4 Digit Digital Tube Relays Timing Relay Timer Thermal Control Switch For Home Power


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Power, equipment delay some time before power work until disconnect the power. Or power equipment to work immediately, delay time, automatically stops
This product is a new digital LED countdown display 12v/24v delay module module. It can be widely with various control switch places.
Products can set the delay time, can press "set" buttons. After setting up, power-up setting value is previous setting delay time as we set last time (power-down memory function)
Products are precision delay, error 0.01% per second, a delay of 0-99 seconds , LED changes per seconds
The wide range of products can be used in many fields
products are working low-power mode, press the left button to turn off the digital display or begin to show
Products with high current input voltage regulator chip , with opto -isolated output , enhanced anti-jamming capability and ensure stability
Increase supply anti-reverse function


Voltage: DC 12V/24V
Inputs and outputs are opto-isolated, enhanced anti-jamming capability Power:
Quiescent Current: 20mA Working Current: 50mA
Ensure stability, industrial grade circuit boards, class PLC
Operating voltage: 10 ~ 16V (if other ranges can be customized)
After setting the parameters of power can never remember
Time: 0 to 999.9 seconds from 0 to 9999 seconds 0 to 9999 minutes
Increase the power-saving features, a key switch, permanent power
Life: "10 million times Working temperature: -40 ~ 85'C
Operating Mode Selection: When powered on, long press K1 2 seconds later enter the selection function mode, P1-1 ~ P1-3 optional; Long press K2 closes the digital display.
Size: 61mm × 35mm
Package Included:
1 x Time Delay Relay Module 4 Digit LED Digital Timer Control Switch PLC Timing Anti Reverse Voltage Regulator
100004 (1)100004 (2)100004 (3)100004 (4)100004 (5)100004 (6)100004 (7)100004 (8)
100004 (10)100004 (9)
100005 01100005 02
X13021 (1)X13021 (2)X13021 (3)X13021 (6)X13021 (11)X13021 (12)X13021 (13)X13021 (14)