DC 12V 24V Low pass Filter NE5532 Subwoofer Process Pre Amplifier Preamp Board Electric Circuit Integrated Circuits

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1, adjust the potentiometer selected Hermetically, inputs and outputs use pure copper terminals, wiring is very convenient.
2, selected NE5532, welded IC holder can always replace the amplifier, experience differe nt effects to enhance playability.
3, design of the LED Real-time monitoring the power supply situation.
4, PCB board design simple and beautiful, reasonable wiring, making the board has a very high signal to noise ratio, strong anti-interference ability. when no signal input close to the speaker almost hear the noise.
Main parameters:
Power supply voltage: DC12V-24V DC single power supply
Frequency range: 22Hz-300Hz
Audio input: mono or two-channel
Audio output: monaural
PCB Size: 78x32mm, thickness: 1.6mm
PCB Materials: FR-4 ultra-hard glass plate
Finished plate net weight: 30g
Plate mounting holes center to center spacing: 70x24mm, hole diameter: 3.2mm
Potentiometer shaft center to center spacing: 32.5mm
Package Include:
1 x DC 12V-24V Low-pass Filter NE5532 Subwoofer Process Pre-Amplifier Preamp Board Electric Circuit Integrated Circuits