DC 0 5V / 0 10V to 0 100% Analog Input Voltage to PWM Signal Generator Converter Module PLC AD 2KHZ 20KHZ on AliExpress


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DC 0-5V / 0-10V to 0-100% Analog Input Voltage to PWM Signal Generator Converter Module PLC AD 2KHZ-20KHZ
  1. This module can convert 0-5V or 0-10V analog input voltage into 0-100% PWM signal.
  2. PWM signal frequency range is 2KHZ-20KHZ, maximum is 20KHZ, default minimum is 2KHZ.
  3. Default function is converting 0-10V into 0-100% 2KHZ PWM signal; output frequency can be set by adjusting potentiometer as needed.
  4. PWM signal and voltage can be direct ratio(positive phase output) or inverse ratio (negative phase output).
  5. There are two kinds of PWM signal, PNP-PWM output and NPN-PWM output;the PNP-PWM output is only 5V level, NPN-PWM output is 5V and 24V level.
  6. NPN-PWM signal output supports common-cathode connection and common-anode connection, 5V and 24V two levels. When output 24V level, it need 24V power supply.
  7. For PNP-PWM output, the level can only be 5V. Can only use common-cathode connection, and connect to MCU, etc.
  8. Output PWM signal frequency is adjustable within 2KHZ-20KHZ; there are total 11 positions, respectively corresponding to 2KHZ, 4KHZ, 6KHZ, 8KHZ maximum 20KHZ, default frequency is 2KHZ.
  9. Used for PWM motor speed control interface circuit, instrumentation AD interface conversion, and other applications that need convert voltage to PWM signal.


Type: Voltage to PWM signal module

Model: V-PWM

Input Power Supply Voltage: 7-30V (recommend 15-30V DC)

Input Power Supply Current: >200mA

Size: 45*47*18mm/1.8*1.9*0.7in
Weight: 20g(approx.)

Package Includes:

1 x Converter Module