CH340 CH340G MEGA328P ATmega328P USB UNO R3 Microcontroller Development Board Replace ATmega16U2 ATmega328 Uno R3 Board Module


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Mini USB
Main Changes from the older version:
Add two rows of the holes for the pins. So it can be connected with normal Dubond line.
Add 3 rows of the holes for wiring.
Change the in-line package of ATMEGA328P to flat package.
CH340G Replace ATmega16U2
Plug UNO development board, the driver will be automatically installed.
select the board UNO inside the die.
Select the COM port, this can be in my computer queries, just inside your uno port development board
You'd better to choose orginal routine procedures, burn into the board
Package Included:
1 x UNO R3 ATmega328P CH340 Mini USB Board
Square USB:
Hereby declare:
In the same performance guarantee UNO R3and master chip ATMEGA328P-AU same premise, We replaced the USB chip,Improved download speed, Increase the stability of the win7 win8.but it does not support MAC
1 download for arduino 's IDE
2 USB chip driver download;
3 Plug UNO R3 development board, the driver will automatically install
4 Select the card inside the die UNO R3
5 Select the COM port that my computer can query your UNO R3 board just inside the port
6 best first choice , for arduino own routine procedures , burn inside.
Advantages :
1. a completely solve the traditional UNO R3 board is not compatible with win7 and win8 system instability above .
2. increase the pin socket , to facilitate the use of DuPont line.
3 . Replaced 16u2, so the cost is reduced by half, to get the maximum benefit consumers
Package Included:
1 x UNO R3 ATmega328P CH340 USB Board
020006 (1) 020088 (1) 020088 (6) X20120 (1) 020005 (1) X20120 (7) X20120 (8) 020005 (9)