Blue Backlight LCD Display Module Adapter PCB Monitor for Nokia 5110 Screen 84*48 84x84 for Arduino DIY

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LIGHT linked with GND, the backlight to be lit.
Need you to compress the screen and PCB tighter, might got loose after the delivery.
Use a 3.3V controller, otherwise the display could be quite vague.
LCD5110 Module:
Power supply voltage: 2.7V-3.3V,5V is OK,but part of the screen becomes black when tested
Data interface level: 2.7-5V
Backlight power supply voltage: highest 3.3V
Module size: 43.6mm x 43.1mm(width X height)
Installation diameter: 2mm
Backlight: Blue
RST--------- reset?
CE------------chip selection?
DC-----------data/commands choice?
DIN-----------serial data line?
CLK------------serial Clock Spee
LIGHT--------- backlight control terminal?
GND-----------power negative

Package included:

1 x PCB 84*48 84x84 Nokia 5110 Screen

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