Blue 30CM USB A Male to Type B Plug Cable


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USB A Male to Type B Plug cable.
Connector Type: Standard USB jack
Wire: flexible PVC jacket, flexible and easy to break, durable
Advantages: with magnetic ring, anti-jamming performance
Product advantages:
1. Standard 2.0 connector provides excellent electrical conductivity, making high-speed transmission of data is fast and accurate interface with Baotou design, is conducive to Protect the USB interface, durable
2. Core all high-quality tinned oxygen-free copper, increase the signal transmission surface, anti-oxidation, life is higher than the average product 50 times
3. Wire with aluminum foil, braid double shield, anti-interference ability, signal transmission more stable
4. Using a unique signal line twisted way, increase the signal transmission stability

Product use:
printer cable is a USB male head, used to connect the computer's USB interface; the other end is the mouth of the mouth, for connecting USB printer

Package included:
1*Blue 30CM USB A Male to Type B Plug Cable