Ajustable Step Up/Step Down Power Supply Module Constant Voltage Constant Current Buck Booster Converter Module 5 30V To 0.5 30V

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Wide voltage input 5-30V, wide voltage output 0.5-30V, both step-up and step-down, for example, you adjust the output voltage of 18V, then the input voltage between 5-30V casually change, will always output 18V; Enter 12V, adjust the potentiometer to set any output 0.5-30V
High power, high efficiency, better performance than the XL6009 / LM2577 program. Using external 60V75A high-power MOS, high current parallel high-voltage diode SS56.
Sendust magnetic ring inductance, high efficiency. Constant current mode without inductive whistle.
You can set the current size, used to limit the output current, constant current drive, battery charging light occasions.
Own output anti-inadvertently function, do not have to add another anti-reflux diode when charging the battery.
Product parameters:
Input voltage: 5-30V
Output voltage: 0.5-30V
Output current: long-term stable work in 3A, strengthen the heat can reach 4A
Output power: 35W natural cooling, heat dissipation to enhance 60W
Conversion efficiency: about 88%
Short circuit protection: yes
Working frequency: 180KHZ
Size: L * W * H 65 * 32 * 21mm

Package Include:
1PC x 35W 3A Constant Voltage Current Step Up Down Power Module Adjustable Automatic Lift Voltage Buck Boost Booster Converter Module

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