AC/DC12V Digital Thermostat Temperature Alarm Controller Sensor Meter Blue/Red LED


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Temperature control range: -50 ~ 120 ° C

Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 ° C

Control accuracy: 0.1 ° C

Hysteresis accuracy: 0.1 ° C

Refresh rate: 0.5 S

Input Power: DC 12V

Measuring inputs: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof sensor 0.5M

Output: 1 Channel relay output, capacity = 10A

Environmental requirements: -10 ~ 60 ℃ Humidity 20% -85%

Size: 10*4.8*2.5cm

Fridge freezer ,display cabinets temperature control, plastic greenhouse, Incubator,Medical equipment, pet house, planting and breeding industry, electrical control cabinet cooling, ventilation containers, reptiles insulation, EPS incubator, sauna, PC cases, civil and industrial equipment

Easy and convenient to use

Work light: Blue

Package Content:

  1 x Temperature Control Switch Red/ Blue LED