AC 12V 6J1 Tube Fever Pre Amplifier Preamp AMP Pre Amplifier Board Headphone Buffer Module Stereo Potentiometer Valve DIY Kit


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FE-6J1-2.0B designed for music enthusiasts design and development. Today, due to the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of quality has been improved, in the 1960s, can hear the sound of music has been very satisfied, and now, what we need is high-quality music, including automotive CD, lossless format WAV, APE, FALC. But sad reminder that: often not download these lossless formats of music, but to hear high-fidelity sound quality, which you may wish to consider this our forward-grade fever, although it is not 100 percent lossless sound reduction, but in absolutely enhance the sound quality is very good. It will bring you an unexpected surprise!


Channel Type: 2.0 / Stereo
Power Input: AC12V 1A /5.5*2.1 plug
Knob Functions: power switch / volume control


AC 12V input:

Using DC5.5 * 2.1 socket, 12V AC power adapter is available, you can also use 12V AC transformer, if you use 12V AC transformer, power lines need to solder on the circuit board. Remember: You can not use a DC power input, otherwise it does not work!

The left-channel input / right channel input:

Audio signal input, can be connected to mobile phones, computers, M3, MP4, and other music players.

The output of the left channel / right channel output:

The audio signal output terminal can be connected to the audio signal input amplifier, power amplifier boards, to provide post-amp Bile flavor of music to enjoy!

The power switch / volume knob:

The knob counter-clockwise to decrease the volume beginning, when the volume down to the minimum, if it continues to rotate until the "ticking" sound, then the power off, the light goes off.

In the off state, turn the knob clockwise to hear "tick" sound, light is on, the power is turned on, then the volume is minimal, then continue clockwise rotation is to increase the volume.

Package Included:

1 x AC 12V 6J1 Tube Fever Pre Amplifier Preamp AMP Pre-Amplifier Board Headphone Buffer Module Stereo Potentiometer Valve DIY Kit

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