AC 100 300V Digital Voltmeter Ammeter LED Panel AC 110V 220V 200A Volt Amp Current Meter Red Green Dual LED Display

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Measuring range from AC 100V-300V0-200A
This is the subject myself through the iPhone, so the picture may not be perfect, but in fact, the LED light displayed by the instrument is very good
Project no.AC100V-300V0-200A two-color LED dual display panel VOLT/ AMP and split machine 200 CT
Measuring 1% ± 2words accuracy
Range 100V-300V/0-200A
Power consumption: <0.2VA
Muasurement speed: 2 per second

Package Include:

1PC x Digital Voltmeter Ammeter AC 110V 220V 200A Red Green Dual LED Display 100-300V Volt Amp Current LED Panel Meter