80V 500A Colorful LCD Display Battery Coulomb Counter DC Voltmeter Ammeter Wattmeter Capacity Detector DC Energy Power Meter

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1, wireless transmission of data, to avoid the complex wiring between the display and detection modules to bring interference, while wiring is more simple.
2. Hall sensor is used to realize non-contact detection current without disconnecting wires, which is safe, reliable and convenient.
3, voltage, current, power, temperature, capacity, percentage of remaining capacity, running time is displayed at the same time.
4, double relay interface, you can manage charge and discharge separately.
5, with charge over voltage, discharge under voltage, charge over-current, discharge over-current protection.
6. The memory function of the breakpoint, power-on and power-off, and the number of AH and WH before power-off can be memorized.
The instrument has a total of 18 functions, each function to help customers more convenient and faster access to more accurate measurement results.
(1) NCP: set the value of charge over-current protection, with the relay can be achieved when charging over-current protection;
(2) OCP: set the discharge over-current protection value, with the relay can be achieved when the discharge over-current protection;
(3) OVP: Set the charge overvoltage protection value (the voltage exceeds the set voltage can automatically fill the capacity), with the relay can be filled with automatic disconnection function;
(4) LVP: set the discharge over-voltage protection value, with the relay can be achieved automatically disconnect the discharge function;
(5) OUT: The switch output function of the wireless control relay can be realized by clicking OUT.
(6) LCK: key lock function, if necessary, you can lock the keys to prevent misoperation;
(7) BAT: the default total battery capacity; reference value as a percentage of capacity;
(8) BPC: preset remaining battery capacity percentage and remaining battery capacity;
(9) CER: current return to 0 function, when the no-load current is not 0, you can click this option to clear the current;
(10) RET: WH and run-time value reset function, to facilitate the next measurement;
(11) LNG: language switching function, the instrument has built-in Chinese and English languages, you can switch languages ​​through this option;
(12) STI: set the relay power-on default state, open or closed;
(13) SFH: device search function, through this feature can be one-to-many communication;
(14) DEL: set the relay delay working time; to achieve the protection of the relay delay action
(15) FCH: communication address modification function, if multiple groups of modules at the same time each group of modules to set a different address to prevent interference;
(16) SNR: set the screen current, when the SNR is greater than 0, and the screen time value is not 0, you can achieve automatic screen function, and when the charging current is less than this value, the cumulative charging capacity is not to avoid floating charge The impact of the capacity value, when the current is greater than this value LCD screen automatically lit.
(17) SNT: Set the screen time value. When the SNT value is 0, the LCD panel never goes out. When the SNT value is greater than 0 and the SNR is also greater than 0, the automatic screen and bright screen functions can be realized.
(18) RFS: display color switch function, this instrument has two color matching customers can choose different color according to their preferences.
don't have the Temperature measurement function.

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1 x 80V 500A Colorful LCD Display Battery Coulomb Counter DC Voltmeter Ammeter Wattmeter Capacity Detector DC Energy Power Meter