70W 8A DC DC 6 32V to 6 42V Step Up Booster Power Supply Converter Module Voltage Regulator for Car LED Driver Power Charger

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70W 8A DC-DC 6 -32V to 6 -42V Step Up Booster Power Supply Converter Module Voltage Regulator for Car LED Driver Power Charger

Super current carrying capacity (maximum 8 A), to provide the strong power to your device!
Tight layout, limited space for you to make the biggest concessions!
Additional radiator, no longer worry about equipment and higher temperature!


Can be used as a solar battery charging modules, constant voltage charging of battery group
As the vehicle power supply, for your laptop or power supply all kinds of digital products
Can serve as your car communication powersupply, no longer worry about without 24 power supply


The isolation booster module
The highest conversion efficiency:96%
Input voltage:6~32(max 35V)
Output voltage: 6~42(max 52V)
Maximum input current: 8A
maximum current output: 5A
Static working current: 15mA
Power :70W
To adapt to the environment:-40~+85℃
Working frequency: 150KHz


Adopt high-frequency electrolytic capacitor reduce the ripple value, more stable output voltage;
Provide reverse connect protection, avoid the equipment damage caused by incorrect operation;
Stops booster, soft short circuit protection, short circuit, automatic recovery when short circuit faults remove;
With access to electricity, the LED indicator light, easy to understand

way to install:4*M3 screw
Connection mode: welding output terminals free
Module size: 30 mm high 20 mm long 60 mm wide


The input voltage is greater than 5 v, only is greater than the start voltage to work properly;
Input current is greater than 1 a, the input current is too small easy to cause the power short circuit alarm by mistake;
Should be fixed to use, to prevent improper operation to get an electric shock

Package Included:

1 x Step Up Voltage Regulator

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