7.0" 7 Inch TFT LCD Module Display 800x480 SSD1963 Touch Panel Screen PWM LED Backlight Controller Module For Raspberry Pi

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This 7.0" TFT LCD Module can be can be easy controlled by MCU such as 51,AVR,STM32,PIC,MSP430,DSP,ARM, and ARM .It can be used in any embedded systems which require display high quality colorful image. The Module used
SSD1963 LCD controller with 7 inch LCD module with touchscreen. This LCD has a superior display quality and super wide viewing angle, please see the sample pictures, they are taken directly from the LCD display.

7.0" TFT LCD Module, Resolution 800x480, SSD1963 Controller
LCD Type: TFT Transmissive Normal White
Interface: 16bit parallel bus interface
PCB Color: Blue
On board 400mA DC-DC Boost regulator to provide power supply to LCD backlight
LCD-specificed intialization code is provided, so that you can save time to optimize power control register and gamma curves for best display performance. We have test the provided code, it gives the best display performanace
Module dimension: 186mmx106mmx23mm(including pin header extrusion)
Active Area: 154mmx86mm
Pixel pitch: 0.179mmx0.179mm
Standard 2x20 2.54mm pin header for connection to MCU/development board
Module weight: 410grams.

Warning: All data port voltage can not exceed 3.6V.
Package Included:

1PCS*New 7" inch TFT LCD module 800x480 SSD1963 Touch PWM, For Arduino AVR STM32 ARM

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