6A DC DC Boost Converter 4.5V 32V to 5 42V 6A Adjustable Step Up Power Supply Boost Converter Module Board

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Module property:Non-isolated step up module(boost)
Input voltage:4.5V-32V
Input current:0A-6A
Output voltage:5V-42V
Output current:0A-6A
Working temperature:-40~+85
Working frequency:180KHz
Transfer efficiency:94%(max)
Short circuit protection:Yes
Over temperature protection:Yes
Input reverse protection:NO
PCB size:60x60x20mm
Note: Please make sure the voltage and the connector if fits for your standard!

Package Included:

1 x6A DC-DC Boost Converter 4.5V-32V to 5-42V 6A Adjustable Step-Up Power Supply Boost Converter Module Board

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