5V USB 4 Channel Automation Relay Computer Control for Arduino PIC DSP AVR+Cable


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This is USB controlled relay module with 4 relays SRD-05VDC-SL-C. You may use it for simple ON/OFF switching electrical devices - home lights, DC motors, solenodis and others. It may help you building projects like robotics and home automation. Each such board requires one USB port. The more USB ports you have the more Relay boards you may connect. You may use it with our software (universal software for all our relay boards).


4 SPDT relays SRD-05VDC-SL-C
Relay specification – 10A 250VAC/10A 125VAC/10A 30VDC /10A 28VDC
Power Supply - 5VDC
Current consumption - 200 mA
FT245RL. Datasheet –( http://www.ftdichip.com/)
Led for each relay output
Power Led
USb led
Size - 101*40*16mm
Supported by our Software
PCB parameters: FR4 / 1.5mm / two layers / metalized holes / HAL / white stamp / solder mask
Extra PCB openings for better voltage isolation
Doubled high current tracks


When the board is connected to the PC and the PC is restarted, the relays will be toggled several times. This is because of the structure of the FTDI chip.
The device must be supplied with 5VDC or order to work.
There is no protection against reversed voltage! If the VCC(+5V) and GND are reversed the board will be damaged!
The board can not work without computer
Supply characteristics
Package List:

1 x 4-channel 5V USB Relay Board(With cable)