5V Power Boost Module Step Up Lithium Protection Board Battery Charger 18650


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1.Small Volume:2.2*1.8*1.0cm
2.Complete Function:boosting,lithium battery charging,undervoltage protection,output short circuit protection,cellphone charge identifying circuit
3.Superlow Static Current:whole circuit only consumes 0.1MA without connecting load;don't need manual operation;It will standby if without load,and only consumes electricity 0.1MA
4.Circuit has high integration level;external circuit is simple,so it has high reliability

1.Charging Voltage/Current:DC 5V/1000mA(when charging,red light is on;when fully charged,green light is on )
2.USB Output Voltage/Current:DC5V/1200mA(please don't connect more than 1200mA appliances for long time )
3.Charging Interface:Micro USB port

1.Don't use output to connect more than 1200mA devices;otherwise,PCB will burn
2.Please connect battery with B+,B- two ports;the polarity must be right,transposition will burn the chip

Package Included:
1*5V Power Boost Module