5Pcs Ultra Mini Power Supply Step Down Board Module DC DC Buck Converter DC 7V 28V to 5V for Arduino Replace LM2596

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1. The whole network volume of the smallest power module
2. 1.7x2.2CM, less than a dollar coin
3. The application areas: DIY mobile power, monitoring power, children's car power, camera power, automotive power, communications equipment, power, a variety of weight and weight requirements of the occasion (such as aviation models).
4. The product attributes:
Model / Name:Ultra-small DC-DC buck module
Input voltage:7V - 28V
The output voltage:5V (accuracy 1%)
Output current:3A (maximum), long working current of about 1.5A
Conversion efficiency:96% (highest)
Output ripple:<30mV
Switching frequency:1.5MHz (highest), typical 1MHz
Operating temperature:-45 degree Celsius to + 85 degree Celsius
Size:22mm * 17mm * 4mm (L * W * H)
Package included:
5PCS *Ultra Mini Step Down Module DC-DC Converter Input 7V-28V Output 5V 3A Replace LM2596
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