5Pcs DC DC 0.9V 5V to 5V 600MA Power Bank Charger Step Up Boost Converter Supply Voltage Module USB Output Charging Board

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The module adopts high-performance imported chip, performance is superior to the common module.
Inputr any 0.9 V-5V dc voltage, all can stable output 5V dc voltage,
with a single AA battery power supply can output current up to 200-300 ma,
two AA batteries to the output current of 500-600 ma
The industrial temperature range: -40 degree Celsius to +85 degree Celsius
The conversion efficiency is high, up to 96%
Take the USB female, wide range of USES
Super small volume 18 mm * 25 mm (PCB), used in all sorts of small equipment installation
Work with indicator light
Package Included:
5PCS * DC-DC 0.9V-5V to 5V 600MA Booster Step-Up USB Mobile Power Supply Module
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