4 20ma LED Digital Current Signal Generator Handheld Analog Generator Rechargeable 12V Input DIY Kit Finished Products


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1, easy to use, easy wiring, knob operation, adjust the response immediately after the output, no delay.
2, the power supply voltage range: the input power of DC 5-28V DC, the proposed power supply for the 12-24V DC.
3, the protection of functional: with the input voltage reverse polarity protection, power supply reverse the instrument does not work, not because of reverse burned.
4, the standard current output range: by manually adjusting the product on the potentiometer can produce 4-20MA current output, for the current analog 4-20MA output of the occasion.
5, the current regulation is very smooth: the use of wirewound potentiometer to adjust the current, smooth adjustment, to avoid the general carbon film potentiometer often produce resistance mutations and other failures.
6, with a current meter head, display accurate.
7, with a dial, according to the scale quickly locate and identify the operation of the equipment.
8, can be fixed current output value: the output current can be automatically adjusted according to customer requirements at the set point, but also do constant current source, do constant current source, the current output of not more than 20MA.
9, the proportion of body gold, easy to hold, the work into a pleasure.
10, test output is normal, you can use a multimeter (DC current) shorted "current positive and current negative" terminal, compare the display value and multimeter readings are the same.
11, the product can be used for: signal source generation, valve adjustment, inverter control, PLC debugging, instrument testing, light-emitting diode test, analog transmitter output.

The 4-20MA current generator output impedance matching problem

The output signal resistance must meet the following requirements
According to the formula: I = U / R (current = voltage divided by the resistance)
So your power supply voltage divided by your signal internal resistance, is equal to your signal receiver can produce the maximum current.
In addition, our current generator also has a certain internal resistance.

So come to such a formula:

Supply voltage / (customer's signal resistance + internal resistance of our current generator) = constant current output
As the power supply of our module is 4-35V voltage, so if the supply voltage is low, and the customer's internal resistance is large, the module will produce a constant current will not be enough.
Here are the signal matching requirements for our module:
24V power supply, the signal resistance should not be greater than 1000 ohms.
12V power supply, the signal resistance should not be greater than 500 ohms.
5V power supply, the signal resistance can not be greater than 200 ohms.

If your signal resistance is greater than the above parameters, you can improve the supply voltage or reduce the signal resistance of these two ways to solve the constant current source of the current supply problem. It should be noted that the supply voltage can not be increased to more than 28V or more.

Package Included:
1 x 4-20ma Current Signal Generator LED Analog Generator Rechargeable

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