380V 8A 1 2 4 Channel Solid State Relay Module High and Low Level H L Trigger Board SSR D3808HK Switch Controller For Arduino


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High voltage level trigger refers to a forward voltage between signal trigger end(IN) and power cathode, is a trigger way of connecting anode of power with trigger end. When there is forward voltage or the voltage reaches to a certain trigger amount at the trigger end, relay is actuated. Low voltage level trigger refers to the voltage between signal trigger end and power cathode is 0 V, or voltage of trigger end is lower than that of power anode, and relay is actuated. Usually connect power cathode with trigger end.

1. Power supply of module should be direct current, and voltage should be associated to that of relay.
2. The controlled voltage range of relay is AC 24 V to 380 V. Max Current: 8 A.
3. Convenient KF301 green input wiring terminals.
4. Safe KF1000-2P output wiring terminals.
5. 380 V 8 A solid-state relay.

Input Voltage Range: DC 5 V to 12 V
Input Control Signal Voltage:
High and low voltage level can be set (short circuit boards welding on the back plate, the default is low voltage level)
Input Interface:

CH1: 1 channel relay module signal triggering end

CH2: 2 channel relay module signal triggering end

CH4: 4 channel relay module signal triggering end
Package Included:
1 x 380V 8A SSR Solid State Relay H-L Trigger Module for Arduino R3 for Raspberry PI
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100018 (7)100018 (1)100018 (2)100018 (4)100018 (5)100018 (6)100018 (3)