20KV 20000V High Voltage Pressure Generator Igniter Step Up Boost Module Coil Transformer Pulse Ignition 1.5A DC 3.6 6V

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Double high voltage cable can ignite cigarette and paper, a single high voltage cables can provide power to a metal body, and no sound support.
The module can be used as high-school scientific experiments, electronic devices, negative-ion generator, high-voltage source, to use when small science.
Over power:
Single 18650 or idle mobile phone batteries (the protective plate to remove the planned capacity of 2000mAh or more).
1. The high-voltage module should avoid the use of high-voltage current without a load. Power must be set to a suitable distance to the high voltage output line, the battery capacity is proportional to the distance and the use of the high pressure arc (not a voltage as high as possible, must provide sufficient current).
2. Experimental testing of the arc distance from short to long. If you do not exceed the maximum arc gap current, energy is not released by high pressure, the module can be easily damaged.
3. Due to the performance, the internal heat is not easy, each operating time should be set within 5 seconds.
Material: metal, plastic
Color: black and black
Size: 19 x 20 x 18 mm (L x W x H)
Input voltage: DC3.6V-6V
Input Current: 1.5A
Output voltage: DC20KV (Please be sure to use safety when used)
Output current: 0.05A
InputLine Length: approx. 110 mm (red is positive)
Output cable length: approx. 110mm
High voltage bipolar discharge distance: 5mm
High type: pulse current
Structure: High and low voltage integrated
Package included:
1 x 20 kV high pressure igniter

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