200W 10A Max CC/CV Step Down Power Supply Buck Converter Adjustable DC DC 7 32V 10A Buck Converter Step down Charging Module

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Module Properties: Non synchronous rectifier,non-isolated buck,constant current& voltage, CC CV charging module.
Input Voltage: 7-32V
Output Voltage: 1.25V - 28V(adjustable)
Output Current: 10A Max, 8A for greater service life.
Output Power: 200W
Working Temperature: -40° to +85°
Working Frequency: 300 KHZ
Tranfer Efficiency: Max 95% (Efficiency is related with input,output voltage,current and voltage difference .)
Constant Current Range: 0.3 to 10A (adjustable)
Turn Lamp Current: Constant current value*(0.1),turn lamp current connect with constant current value ,for example when the constant current is 3A, turn lamp current is set to constant current 0.1 time (0.1*3A=0.3A). When the constant current value is 2A, turm lamp current is set for constant current 0.1 time (0.1*2A=0.2A)
This version is fixed to 0.1 time (+-10%), Direction for charing or full.
Tranfer effciency: Max 95% ( Efficiency is related with input,output voltage ,current and voltage difference.)
Working Frenquency:300KHZ
Output Ripple: Ripple is about 50mV( No noise) 20M bandwidth (For reference only ) input 24V ,output 12V 5A test result.
Working Temperature : Industrial grade(-40°-+85°)(Please pay attention to the power tube temperature and strengthen the heatsink system when operating )
No Lload Current: Typical 20mA ( 24V tranfer to 12V)
Load Regulation Rate: ±1%(Constanct voltage)
Voltage Regulation rate: ±1%
The precision of constant current and temperature :Constant current value is less than 5% when the testing temperature from 25 degree up to 60 degree.(Constant current value is 5A)
Dynamic response speed : 5% 200uS
Adjustting direction of potentiometer : Clockwise (increase), anticlockwise(decrease)
Indicator (lamp):Two colors,red is charging while green is full
Output short circuit protection : Yes ,constant current (Constant current value is set up presently)
Input reverse connection protection: No
Output anti-flow-backwards protection : No, you need to add diode for battery.
Connection: Terminal
Module Size: 56 * 65 * 22mm / 2.2*2.55*0.86"
Directions for charging battery:
Make sure you know the floating charge voltage ,charging current and input voltage of your rechangeable battery.
Setting the constant voltage potentiometer,and put the output voltage on about 5V.
Monitor output short circuit current by 10A current of multimeter ,and adjusting output current to the expected charging current by constant current potentiometer.
Adjustting the output voltage to the floating charge voltage by constant voltage potentiometer.
Connecting with the battery and try to charge.
(Step are for module input connected with power,while no load output disconnected with battery.)
Direction for LED constant current driver:
Make sure you know the working current and max working voltage of the LED you need to drive.
Adjusting the constant voltage potentiometer and put output voltage on about 5V.
Mornitor output short circuit current by 10A current of multimeter,and adjusting output current to expected LED working current by constant current.
Adjust the constant voltage potentiometer to LED max working voltage by output voltage potentiometer.
Connecting with LED ,and try to drive.
(Step for module input connected with power,while no load output disconnected with LED max working voltage.)

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1 x 200W 10A Max CC/CV Step Down Power Supply Buck Converter Adjustable DC-DC 7-32V 10A Buck Converter Step-down Charging Module

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