1A USB to DC Convert Cable 5V to 9V/12V Round Hole Boost Cable 5.5*2.1mm 4.26ft


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Powering other devices through the charging treasure.
Such as: router, USB light, USB fan, small LCD TV, car purifier, 5V mini speaker, etc.

DC power plug size:
outer diameter: 5.5mm, inner diameter: 2.1mm; inside and outside negative, line length 1.3 meters

5V12V boost line:
with boost components, the USB input 5V voltage through the components, boosted to 12V voltage 1A

Note: 5V 12V boost line output 1A, if you are more than 1A, you can't use it)

Power plug size specifications:
If you are not sure, you can consult the manufacturer of the equipment, or consult the merchant who sells the equipment online: whether the size of the power DC plug is 5.5* outside diameter 2.1mm, if you are please choose.

Most routers that can be directly outside are 5.5* inside diameter 2.1 (TP-LINK, Xiaomi, Mercury, 360, Netcore)

Package Included:
1*5V to 12V Boost USB Cable/ 1*5V to 9V Cable(Optional)